Religion (200)

General Comments

This collection provides introductory information on Christianity, Bible stories, stories about Jesus, children's prayer books, saints, myths and legends, and religions of the world.

Development Plan

This collection seeks to offer introductory information on religion for lower reading levels. Since Christianity is the major religion in the community, sources in this area are developed and maintained. A core of world religions is represented. However, obscure religions are not represented because they generally are not written at a young child's reading level. Some areas are out of scope for development and are not included in this collection because they do not present information at lower comprehension and reading levels. For the preschool through sixth grade reader, the aim is to provide:
  • introductory information on the concept of religion.
  • a collection of Bible stories at a lower reading level in a colorful and interesting format.
  • information on the life of Jesus Christ in an attractive and informative format for children of all ages.
  • examples of structured prayer commonly found in the Christian religion.
  • information about the other religions of the world, and myths from many cultures, with emphasis on Greek and Roman myths.

Influencing Factors

Purchases and buying patterns are determined in large part by:
  • reading level.
  • new works.
  • budget constraints.
  • circulation statistics.
  • patron requests.
  • shelf space.
  • visual appeal.


  • Titles in this collection are generally very basic and do not date as quickly as more in-depth materials.
  • Titles with child appeal that continue to be used are considered for replacement.
  • Physically worn materials are replaced or updated.
  • Books are withdrawn due to damage, loss, general interest level as evidenced by circulation figures, or content relevancy and currency.
  • Titles with multiple copies are checked for usage, and duplicate copies are withdrawn as demand decreases.