Young Adult Fiction

General Comments

This collection provides leisure reading materials for junior high age patrons, offers teachers resources for classroom use, and offers a selection of materials that meet book report assignment needs. Students of children's literature can find a representation of core young adult literature. Senior high school patrons, in general, are reading in the Adult Fiction collection.

Development Plan

For this collection to serve the young adults of the community, it must provide:
  • a wide range of reading levels, from fourth grade to adult.
  • a representation of the following genres: Westerns, Science Fiction, Romance, Mystery, as well as award-winning titles, such as the Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature.
  • a balanced collection of current popular titles and core materials.
  • Multiple copy needs are met currently using a lease program that has helped with space issues.
Bibliographies from credible sources, such as ALA's Best Books for Young Adults and ALA's Quick Picks for Teens are used extensively as collection development tools.

Influencing Factors

  • Patron requests are given serious consideration.
  • Available space determines further collection development.
  • Since teens prefer paperbacks, this format is primarily purchased.
  • Soaring Eagle Award books, sponsored by the Wyoming Library Association and the Wyoming State Reading Council, are purchased in duplicate.
  • Some titles already in the adult fiction collection are duplicated if there is a demand for the title and it is reviewed for young adults.
  • Newbery titles are occasionally purchased, but no effort is made to provide all such titles since many are written for younger readers and all Newbery titles are available in the Junior Fiction collection.


  • Books in poor condition are weeded.
  • Titles in a series are retained.
  • Titles listed in the Middle School and Junior High Catalog are retained.
  • Books with low circulation are weeded.