Arts & Recreation (700)

General Comments
This area is minimally developed since it depends on the more comprehensive coverage of the Adult nonfiction collection. Country books have been replaced by the availability of databases.

Development Plan
  • 700 Fine and decorative arts. Information on the Seven Wonders of the World, ancient art, some great masters, and how to look at art sources is maintained. Works on cultural diversity involved with American Indian, Asian, South American, and Middle Eastern art sources are developed and maintained.
  • 720 Architecture. Information about non-traditional housing, tepees, castles, and pyramids, is maintained.
  • 730 Plastic arts and sculpture. A small collection focusing on coin collecting and unusual art, such as sand castles and paper work, is maintained.
  • 740 Drawing and decorative arts. Materials emphasizing comics, art projects, and crafts such as toy making, calligraphy, and models are developed and maintained. A collection of books on proper techniques is maintained. Works on trendy crafts currently popular with young adults are also developed and maintained.
  • 750 Painting. Titles specifically written for young adults are developed and maintained.
  • 770 Photography. A collection of books on proper technique is maintained.
  • 780 Music. A collection of music types ranging from classical biographical information to current popular artists and how they became famous is maintained. An overview of music in the 1900s by decades is also developed and maintained.
  • 790 Recreational and performing arts.
    • This is a diverse Dewey number range starting with Recreational Arts subjects. Information on team sports, such as basketball, football, and baseball, for both young men and women, is maintained. Works on individual physical activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, karate, race car driving, running, skiing, and snow boarding are developed and maintained. Gymnastics information is developed and maintained. Puzzles, mind games, computer games, and chess rules sources are maintained.
    • Performing Arts is the second subject area of this Dewey number. Maintained are acting, dance, voice, and music sources focusing on the United States. The music collection is maintained with focus on classical artists. An emphasis on motion pictures, monster movies, and special effects sources is maintained. The cheerleading collection is also maintained.
Influencing Factors
Purchases and buying patterns are determined in large part by:
  • limited availability of material for young adults meeting the criteria of visual appeal and appropriate vocabulary.
  • electronic/Internet sources availability.
  • new works.
  • budget constraints.
  • circulation statistics.
  • patron requests.
  • present and potential relevance to young adult patrons.
  • shelf space.
  • Worn, dated looking materials, as well as crafts which are no longer popular are weeded.
  • Information about individual sports should be kept current.