Graphic Novels

General Comments

This collection provides leisure reading materials for patrons of all ages. The illustrated format offers a wide range of reading levels and topics. The format of graphic novels combining text and illustrations appeals to patrons who are more visually oriented. Our junior and young adult sections are attractive to teens experiencing reading difficulty.

Development Plan

For this collection to serve the patrons the community, it must provide:
  • a wide range of reading levels, from fourth grade to adult
  • a representation of the well reviewed titles, and those titles which follow popular movie and television trends
  • a balanced collection of current popular titles and core materials

Influencing Factors

  • Patron requests are given serious consideration.
  • Available space determines further collection development.
  • Popularity of the collection within our current patronage.


  • Books in poor condition are weeded.
  • Titles in a series are retained.
  • Books with low circulation are weeded.