General Comments

The goal of the reference collection is to provide an up-to-date, authoritative, non-circulating collection of materials that permits quick access to basic information on diverse subjects. This collection is augmented by a limited selection of older editions received through CCPL's replacement schedule. Most of the print sources have been or continue to be replaced by electronic sources.

Development Plan

  • 000 Generalities. A small collection is maintained, encompassing library related ready reference sources for periodicals, government publications, computer science, encyclopedic works, and journalism.
  • 100 Philosophy, occultism and psychology. Also developed and maintained are wide-ranging selections pertaining to paranormal phenomena.
  • 200 Religion. A small collection is developed and maintained on world religions, denominations (Christian based), and mythology.
  • 300 Social sciences. Directories, statistical factual information with a world emphasis, and encyclopedic sources along with government information (state, local, and federal) are maintained.
  • 400 Language. Maintained are dictionaries and structural systems for grammar usage with emphasis on the English language as the primary focus.
  • 500 Natural sciences and mathematics. Calendar information, world atlas information, and selections pertaining to natural history, physical sciences, and the mathematics are maintained.
  • 600 Technology. Directories relating to business, corporations, medical science, and manufacturing and building technologies are maintained. Sources on automotive repair, space flight, livestock industry, and computer science information are maintained.
  • 700 The arts. Gallery information as it pertains to the arts, antique price guides for collectibles, and selections for the numismatic (postage stamp) enthusiast are developed and maintained. Broad based performing arts almanacs and song indexes are maintained as part of this collection.
  • 800 Literature. Handbooks and indices as they relate to the world of literary art are maintained.
  • 900 Geography, history, and biographies. Geographical encyclopedias and atlas selections, time chronicles, and biographical dictionaries with some genealogy resources are developed and maintained.

Influencing Factors

Purchases and buying patterns are determined in large part by:
  • budget constraints.
  • shelf space.
  • electronic/Internet source availability.


  • Materials are weeded as new replacements arrive and from the limited editions received from CCPL.
  • As newer sources are made available via electronic means, affected materials are weeded.
  • Dated materials are weeded.