Juvenile & Family Drug Court

  1. Juvenile and Family Drug Court
  2. Youth Intervention Track
The Campbell County Juvenile & Family Drug Court Program began in 2002, and provides services for juvenile offenders between the ages of 13-17 with substance abuse issues. The program focuses on juvenile crime involving the use or misuse of substances, as well as issues within the family. The potential participant may be diagnosed with either drug and/or alcohol dependency or abuse to meet admission criteria. The length of the JFDC Program ranges from 6-12 months depending upon the participant's diagnosis, treatment plan, and individual progress.

Participants may be referred from Municipal, Circuit, and/or Juvenile Court. Parental involvement is not generally required. However, in specific cases referred from Juvenile Court, parental involvement may be ordered, and can include participation in family counseling, family substance abuse programming, and weekly court attendance.

The program utilizes a team approach in which the Judge, County Attorney, Defense Attorney, Juvenile Probation, Department of Family Services, Substance Abuse Treatment Provider, Mental Health Therapist, and School District jointly address the needs of the juvenile and his/her family.

Key components of the Juvenile & Family Drug Court Program include:

  • Weekly Court sessions
  • Substance abuse treatment groups and individual sessions
  • Individual mental health counseling
  • Intensive Supervision Probation
  • Frequent, random urinalysis testing / breathalyzer testing
  • Immediate sanctions and incentives for infractions and successes
The $450.00 program fee includes the cost of substance abuse treatment and family programming, as well as individual and/or family mental health counseling.
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