Web Committee
June 11, 2015

General Discussion
  • Discuss overall design
  • Analyze the website analytics
  • New addition to the website - CivicMobile
  • General discussions about the status of individual dept pages
  • Discuss problems currently facing the general website
  • Combine Web and Social media steering committees
  • Decide if any training is needed
Develop strategies to make the site more user-friendly
  • Identify any areas or features of the site that are particularly 'un-user-friendly'
  • Identify reasons why users are sometimes having difficulty finding content
  • Adopt aspects of other successful government sites
  • Emphasize the need to truly understand our audience
  • Discuss creating and conducting usability studies - surveys for the members of the public that will help with identifying weaknesses in our information architecture
  • Revise the information architecture (menu/content organization) for the parent site to make content easier to find
Making the site more interactive
  • Identify features or ideas that could be implemented to make the site more interactive
  • Keep the news and content fresh on the website
  • Discuss standards for news flash posts - i.e., what to place in the headline vs the body, how to add links
  • Ensure time-sensitive information is updated promptly
  • Fully utilize the modules and tools at our disposal
    • Calendars
    • Bids Module
    • Agenda Center
    • Form Center
    • Photo Gallery
    • Notifications