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2017 Raptor Symposium Evaluation Form

  1. 2017 Raptor Symposium

  2. 2017 Campbell County Raptor Symposium Evaluation Form

    Campbell County and Ecosystem Research Group, LLC, and DRU Consulting thank you for your participation in the 2017 Raptor Symposium. We would appreciate your feedback as to what worked well and what could be done to make the event better.

  3. 1. Please rate the overall quality of the symposium.

  4. 2. Please rate the presentation: Science, Policy and Raptors presentation (Dave Freudenthal).

  5. 3. Please rate the panel discussion: The "Why" of Monitoring Federal, State Local and Industry Perspectives.

  6. 4. Please rate the presentation: Standarizing Region-wide Data Collection (Andrea Orabona)

  7. 5. Please rate the presentation: Status of Region-wide Database (Gary Beauvais)

  8. 6. Please rate the presentation: Existing Data and Use of Models to Document and Predict - Golden Eagle Models (Gary Williams)

  9. 7. Please rate the presentation: Habitat, Scale Considerations and Bridging the Gap Between a Region-wide Dataset, Existing Data and Successful Models (Mike Hillis)

  10. 8. Please rate the presentation: Anticipation of Policy Needs for State and Federal Energy Related Projects (Ryan Lance)

  11. 9. Please rate the presentation: Future Analyses With the Database: Identifying Needed Research and Inventory Gaps (Gary Beauvais)

  12. 10. Please rate the presentation: Mitigations: Effectiveness, Inconsistencies, and Opportunities to Fine Tune With Data (Tom Bills & Duane Spencer)

  13. 11. Please rate the presentation: Thunder Basin Grassland Prairie Ecosystem Association's Program and Project Level Planning (Dave Pellatz)

  14. 12. Please rate the presentation: Nest Moves (Tracy Jones)

  15. 13 Please rate the pannel discussion: Next Steps and Q&A

  16. Please rate the following facilities/arrangements:

  17. Lodging

  18. Food Services

  19. Meeting Room and Facilities

  20. Restrooms

  21. Days of the Week/Times

  22. Location

  23. Leave This Blank: