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Cupcake Wars Registration

    • Baker entry deadline: Friday, April 5, 2019 • 14 spaces. First come, first served. Once spaces are filled, your name will be placed on a cancelation list and you will be called if space becomes available.
    • Location: Campbell County Public Library (CCPL) • 2101 S. 4J Road, Gillette
    • Setup: Friday, April 12, 9am-4:45pm and Saturday, April 13, 9am-1pm (setup must be complete ½ hour prior to doors opening to allow for judging)
    • Divisions: Individual or teams are allowed. • Experienced: baker who sells baked goods to the public • Amateur: a great home baker who is comfortable in the kitchen • Junior: any baker under the age of 18
    • Size and quantity: Cupcake size is the baker’s choice – mini or regular. 25 dozen mini size or 7 dozen regular size (regular size to be sliced into quarters to allow for more “tastes”). Note: quantities are guesses based on past years’ attendance.
    • Cupcake flavor: The library will email all registered bakers on April 5 (sooner if all baker spots are filled earlier) revealing fellow bakers’ flavors. Final flavor deadline: Wednesday, April 10.
    • Booth theme: Cupcake Wars is CCPL’s National Library Week closing event. This year’s theme is “Libraries = Strong Communities.” Bakers are welcome (not required) to help celebrate by incorporating the theme.

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